Plastic Waste Is Killing Us

  • Over 8.3 billion metric tonnes of plastic created since 1950
  • 12 billion tonnes of plastic waste by 2050
  • India produces 6 million tonnes of plastic waste every year
  • India is the 12th biggest plastic polluter
  • It is presumed that plastic takes around 500 years to degenerate
  • Only 9% of around 6 billion metric tonnes of plastic waste has been recycled

Contribute To These Initiatives

Surprise Box

For as little as ₹ 500, you can provide one ragpicker child access to a useful ration of necessary supplies. Our surprise box contains gloves, cap, food and medical supplies.


The Ragpicker Initiative

More than 90% of India does not have a proper waste disposal system. A lot of garbage clearing thus is the done informally by ragpickers. They work without any job security, salary or dignity. Not just that, they are regularly exposed to cuts, infection, and respiratory diseases apart from poverty, humiliation, harassment, and abuse on the streets.

Your contribution will ensure that we can provide food, medicine, sanitation and education to Ragpickers.


Let's Recycle

The best place to recycle plastic waste is at source.

Our aim is to start ragpicker co-operatives across villages, towns and cities. We will assist these co-operatives to manage and successfully run small plastic recycling units to maximize their earnings.

This is a capital intensive program and we need assistance from high net worth individuals and corporates.

Please contact us at for more information and copy of our high level business plan.

Donations above ₹ 500 to Precious Plastic are eligible for 50% tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act
About us

Plastic is Precious

Pollution to Precious | Rubbish to Resource | Waste to Wealth

Precious Plastic is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation. Our singular mission is to reduce plastic waste and enable a better life for ragpickers.

By creating plastic recycling co-operatives we aim to eliminate plastic waste at source. The recycling co-operatives will not only provide fair prices to ragpickers for plastic waste but also additional earnings via revenue sharing through the sales of recycled plastic.

Get Involved

Volunteer with Us 

Collaborate to rally support

Our volunteers are important to us. Through their valuable time, talent and skills, volunteers help us fulfill goals. At the same time, many volunteers also find meaning for themselves in learning new skills and giving back.

By volunteering at Precious Plastic, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn new skills and discover new abilities
  • Use your professional skills to support the programs at Precious Plastic
  • Meet other people who share your interests and passions
  • Meaningfully contribute to the community through collaboration with groups and other partners
  • Advance your career or gain experience and qualifications for future employment and academic programs
  • Have fun!









Be A Proud Partner.

There are many ways to partner with us!

Your donations are most important in our effort to recycle plastic waste. 90% of your donations are spent on funding our projects with the balance 10% spent towards administration expenses. We are humbled by the faith put in us by our donors and value every single donor.

We can help you recycle, we can train you, we can clean up your plastic waste after your event, we can research with you, we can help you think though a challenge, we can audit your plastic waste, we can also help you implement your ideas in your community.

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Active Campaigns

Some Good Causes

Donate Now – General Fund

90% of the donation amount received goes towards funding our projects with the remaining 10% used for

Donate Now – Corpus Fund

You CAN make a difference! By giving to Precious Plastic you are empowering ragpickers in the poorest

Let’s Recycle – Ragpicker Co-operative

The best place to recycle plastic waste is at source. Our aim is to start ragpicker co-operatives

The ragpicker initiative

Your donation will go towards reducing plastic pollution and poverty through recycling. We will use your contribution

Surprise box for ragpicker kids

For as little as ₹ 500, your donation will assist us in providing ragpicker kids with basic

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